Hype in Games: Shadow of Mordor's success versus Destiny's disappointment

Hype in the game design industry is a formidable force, spurred on by good publicity, sensationalized trailers, and overall fan interest. Google defines Hype as “extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion”. Which tells us what hype is, but doesn't explain its essential effect in driving game publication and sales. The ‘Hype Formula’ is a unique blend of marketing, media publicity, and fan response, via forum or websites. All of these variables blend together around a game to produce excitement and anticipation, and excitement sells.

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5 Cool things to Checkout at Emerald City Comic Con (and what to avoid)

This year ECCC broke attendance records with over 90,000 guests attending. The events listed ranged from panels by Stan Lee and the cast of Stranger Things, to cosplay competitions, an entire  floor dedicated to art booths, and more. If you didn’t have a chance to attend this year, or perhaps did and feel like you missed something, here’s a list of the coolest things about ECCC, and what to maybe avoid.

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5 Ways VR is Being Used to Improve Industries

In the past few years, a hot new buzzword is Virtual Reality. Known more simply as VR, there are various headsets emerging on the market with a wide range of specs, each competing to be the first, newest, or best new technology on the market. Apart from being a simply an  amusing passive experience, VR has begun to make impact on everything from the medical industry to environmental activism.

Below are the top 5 industries where emerging VR is having a revolutionary effect.

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With the release of the two next-generation consoles, the Xbox One and PS4, last fall, we’ve seen a new era in gaming. The next-generation consoles boast higher frame-rates, higher resolution and more RAM, all of which means more processing power. But while we may see graphically superior gaming, these consoles focus on two very different styles of gaming.

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